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​​PCAS is a Registered Charity (No. 500637)



Chairman  Paul Waddington


Vice-Chairman Tim Charlson


Secretary  Steve Ashby


Treasurer  Sue Dickins

Membership Secretary Roger Bromley


Double Nine magazine editor  Malcolm Slater


Events and Social Media  Debbie Smith


Fundraising and Merchandising   Tim Charlson


New Horizons Tripboat  NH Bookings (Steve Ashby)

NH Manager (Alistair Anderson), NH Engineer (Dave Tong)

NH Maintenance Coordinator (Ed Westerby)


Working Party Working Party Organiser (Rob Fouracre) , Tim Charlson
Maintenance Engineer (Richard Harker)


Publicity  Tim Charlson and Debbie Smith 

Website Alistair Anderson



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For enquiries about boat trips and bookings please do this on the Boat Trips page, where there are buttons to make contact by email or phone.

Malcolm Slater offers illustrated talks about the history of the canal, its restoration and the work of PCAS, past and present.  If your organisation is interested please use the form below.

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