Pocklington Canal

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Canal Head

Canal Head is the terminus of the Pocklington Canal. The picnic site is signposted on the busy A1079 road that links Hull and York. There are two car parks, one of which is beside the Information Centre run by the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society (PCAS). The picnic site is popular at weekends and Bank Holidays, whereas the rest of the canal is usually very quiet. The display boards nearby have information about heritage and wildlife and there is a map of the canal.


A brief history of Canal Head

When the Pocklington Canal was in commercial use, coal and building materials were unloaded at Canal Head to continue their journey to Pocklington by horse and cart. Boats turned in the basin and made their return journey to industrial west Yorkshire carrying agricultural produce. The photo above shows the Wellington Oak, which was built around the time the canal was opened. Historical information about the Wellington Oak and other local inns and public houses can be found on the Pocklington History website, and there is an Ordnance Survey map dating from 1910.

Prior to the formation of PCAS in 1969, Canal Head was just overgrown waste ground used as a dump for mud from the canal, which was dredged sufficiently to allow it to continue its drainage function. Visitors were not welcome and there was a sign saying 'No public right of way'. This sign soon disappeared and Canal Head was cleared and landscaped, mainly thanks to PCAS volunteers.

The large house adjacent to the Canal Head basin was originally a warehouse, and one of the few buildings associated with the canal. It was in poor condition and required extensive renovation when converted for residential use. It is named the Mill House because there was once a sawmill adjacent to the warehouse.



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