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A brief introduction

The Society was formed in 1969, to protect and restore the Pocklington Canal. It has been a Registered Charity, number 500637, since 15 January 1971. Some members are interested in waterways in general but many just value their local canal. PCAS publishes a magazine called Double Nine, which is sent to members. The registered address of PCAS is that of our Secretary, Sue Dickins, as shown on the PCAS Contacts page.

PCAS promotes the canal as an amenity to be enjoyed by everyone and liaises with public bodies and other organisations that have an interest in the canal. A major objective of the Society is the restoration of the canal to allow boats to reach the terminus at Canal Head. PCAS is working to extend the navigable length of canal by two miles, so that boats can reach Bielby by 2018. Please help by contributing to our Bicentenary Appeal.

PCAS has several hundred members – see Membership page

PCAS organises social events for members and the public and raises funds to support its work.

Constitution The Constitution of PCAS was updated in 2014 to decrease the size of a quorum for the AGM from 10% to 5% of fully paid-up membership.

The aims of the Society are:

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
From May 2018, charities are required to comply with regulations regarding how they hold and use personal information and all members were asked to indicate how they were prepared to receive information from PCAS in the Spring 2018 magazine, Double Nine.

April 2018 – PCAS has produced a policy document relating to GDPR.

PCAS has been a corporate member (No. 8090757) of the Inland Waterways Association since 1969. IWA members and local residents were responsible for setting up PCAS in this year, with a view to safeguarding the canal for future generations. IWA has given PCAS considerable financial assistance over the years. The East Riding of Yorkshire Branch of IWA awarded PCAS a grant of £500 towards refurbishment of our weed-cutting boat in 2013 and in 2017, PCAS received a grant of £106,400 from the Tony Harrison bequest towards our Bicentenary Appeal which is funding restoration of two miles of canal. See News page.

Fund raising

Fund-raising is a vital task since it enables the Society to support restoration and maintenance. Whilst every opportunity is taken to obtain grants for projects, much of the money is raised through the efforts of our members and from donations. A common condition for grants is that partof the cost of a project must be raised by the Society.

Our trip boat New Horizons has become a useful source of income and publicity for PCAS. The Information Centre at the Canal Head also provides income, as does the collection of aluminium drinks cans, etc. Events help to generate interest in the canal and attract new members, as well as providing funds for our work.

PCAS Information Centre at Canal Head

The Information Centre is usually open from around noon on Sundays and Bank Holidays from April to the end of October. In addition to providing information and leaflets we sell books and maps, sweets and canned drinks. Thanks to the generosity of members and supporters of PCAS the Information Centre is stocked with a variety of goods for sale. We would be very grateful for help with running the Information Centre.

Pocklington Canal Liaison Group
The Pocklington Canal Liaison Group meets regularly to discuss the canal.

Getting the balance right
Since its formation, PCAS has introduced many people to the canal, but apart from the busy picnic site at Canal Head, the canal remains peaceful. We feel that new buildings and leisure facilities alongside the canal could detract from its heritage value and we are working with Natural England and the Environment Team at the Canal & River Trust to ensure that our activities do not damage the wildlife. Our trip boat crew are aware of the need to respect the environment.

We want local people and visitors to enjoy the Pocklington Canal but we certainly don't want it to become a tourist trap. It is a case of getting the balance right. Please join PCAS if you support what we are doing or contact PCAS if you have any concerns.



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