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If you are a member of PCAS and have photos online, a link can be added to this site. This means that you can easily change your photo display – and it saves me a lot of work.

Carol Booth has produced a slideshow showing a walk along the Pocklington Canal.

Roger Bromley (PCAS Committee) Roger's photos were taken in January 2011, when the canal was still frozen after the very cold weather in December.

Colette & Roger Nevin visited the Pocklington Canal in August 2013. After reaching Melbourne Arm on their narrowboat Dragonfly they proceeded to walk the non-navigable section of the canal and visit Pocklington. We are glad to have you aboard as new Life Members of PCAS. There is an account of Collette and Roger's visit in the Autumn 2013 issue of Double Nine.

Dave Wilson Dave's photos include include work carried out on New Horizons before the 2010 season and a trip across the River Ouse.

Not online, but here are some old photos provided by Val Barron. They show pictures of our old workboat, Ebenezer 2, which she and Gordon Barron looked after. Before being bought by PCAS it was used for transport during the construction of the Humber Bridge. Among Val's photo collection are some of a weed-cutting boat belonging to the late Bernard Terry of Melbourne.

John Dickins had a splendid day out, learning how to operate the well known steam narrowboat Adamant. The photos were taken by Steve Vaughan of Willow Wren Training.

NEW! Malcolm Slater takes hundreds of photos of the Pocklington Canal, ongoing restoration work and photos of our trip boat, New Horizons. He also has some interesting photos of barges.

It is very easy to put photos on Flickr and other free services, so please let me have the Web address if you think that other members would be interested. If you are a PCAS member with a personal website, I can add a link to that too. Please use the email address below.

Please remember that all photos are subject to copyright even where this is not stated. If you would like to use a photo I can pass on a request to the relevant person.

Alistair Anderson



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