Pocklington Canal



A selection of historic photos collected by the late Sheila Nix MBE, Honorary Vice-President of PCAS.
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The Feathers Hotel in Pocklington was the meeting place of the Pocklington Company of Proprietors, and plans for the canal were finalised here in 1814.

This photograph was probably taken in the early 1900s.


This photograph, dating from around 1909, shows that the canal was used for leisure purposes while it was still active as a commercial waterway.

Note the attractive swing-bridge in the background. Prospective navigators should note that while informal attire is now quite acceptable for leisure boating, a current licence should be displayed on all craft!




Many people have learned to swim in the Pocklington Canal. Bathing in the canal was against official regulations even in 1915, around the time when this photograph was taken. Silburn Lock can be seen in the background.

Silburn Lock is now awaiting restoration.



The old lock-house at Canal Head. William Hutchinson was lock-keeper from 1893 to 1926 and this photograph, taken in 1908/9, shows his son Walter and daughters Mary and Alice. The outer windows in the upper storey are false.

The lock-house was saved from demolition by PCAS and is now a private house.

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The old warehouse at Canal Head, in a derelict condition, around 1970. This building, which was in danger of collapse, has been subjected to extensive repairs and is now in private occupation.

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Part of the paddlegear remaining on one of the decaying gates of Sandhill Lock, around 1970. The gates and paddlegear have since been removed and the lock is in a derelict condition – but hopefully not for too much longer.

Replicas of this unusual paddlegear (which is used to empty the lock chamber) have been cast and fitted to the lower gates of Walbut Lock, Gardham Lock, Top Lock, and most recently, to the top gates of Cottingwith Lock.

Place your pointer over the photo to see an example of the replica paddlegear installed at Top Lock.


The photo of the old lock house appears in the March 1982 issue of Double Nine (No. 45). The accompanying text, which also refers to the photo of swimmers at Silburn Lock, reads:

Some years ago Mrs. Alice Gray of Bielby kindly gave us some old photographs. Taken around the beginning of the present century they show – local men and boys bathing in Silburn Lock (with some wonderful 'cozzies' – some without too!), also the family at the Canal Head Lock House. The Lockkeeper was Mr. Walter Hutcinson and Mrs. Gray, his daugher, is in the photograph there (centre). We are sad to record the death of Mrs. Gray on 28th January at the age of 91.


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