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We are no longer putting group photos on the website now that our Facebook page has become so popular. You are welcome to post one or more photos from your trip on the PCAS Facebook page.
Thanks to Sally Firby for being the first to do this and here is one of her photos from her group trip to Gardham Lock.

Trefoil Guild (10 August)
The group had two short trips. Thanks to John Lundie for this photo

70th birthday celebration trip for Sheila Binnington (6 August)
This has become an annual event for the family. Thanks to John Dickins for supplying this photo

An outing for Paul & Sue Graham and friends (26 July 2016)
Paul was a regular volunteer at working parties for years and served on the PCAS Committee

A trip to Hagg Bridge to celebrate the birthdays of Adam and James (16 July 2016)
Thanks to Peter Barnicoat for organising the trip. Here is a link to the photo of the rather splendid birthday cake

River Foss Society (26 May 2016)
RFS has been great supporters in recent years and this time we had two trips to Gardham Lock. Thanks to Peter Hopwood for organising the outing.
Afternoon trip

Huntingdon School Senior Citizens (11 May 2016)
There were two groups, one in the morning and this group in the afternoon. Thanks to Lee Saltmer for organising the outing.

A family outing to Garham Lock (30 April 2016)
Thanks to Catherine Hodgetts for organising this trip for a family of canal enthusiasts. Two have escaped the camera

The Fearnley Family celebrating dad's/grandad's 60th birthday with a trip to Gardham Lock (9 Apri 2016)
Thanks to Cassie Fearnley for this photo

Trip for mum's birthday (8 September 2015)
Wendy Taylor organised this trip for Pam, her mother

Millington Ladies (4 September 2015)
After a pleasant, but chilly, picnic at Gardham Lock the ladies settle down for the return trip to Melbourne.


Trip for Fran and Sally (15 August 2015)
A sunny day always helps to make a day out more enjoyable, and so does plenty of food.

Open Trip to Gardham Lock (15 August 2015)

Not everyone wanted to be in the photo. We always ask. We might have a new member of crew after this trip.

Outing for the Swanland WI (5 August 2015)
Inspiring Women for 100 Years! Thanks to Ellen Crosland for sending this group photo taken on the newly painted bridge across Gardham Lock.

Open Trip to Cottingwith Lock (18 July 2015)
A lovely sunny day, if breezy at times.

An outing for the Young Christian Workers (16 July 2015)

The crew of New Horizons – John, Ivor and Ed - taking full advantage of the invitation to help The Young Christian Workers group eat their superb picnic

Slightly older members of the Young Christian Workers group (founded 1968) enjoying their picnic at Gardham Lock, after cruising there in New Horizons. Thanks to Ivor for these photos

An evening trip for the 14th Hull Brownies (14 July 2015)
Thanks to Helen Robinson for organising this event.

Andrew Jewitt and family ready for his birthday picnic at Gardham Lock (11 July 2015)
Thanks to Ivor for this photo.

Ryedale Cancer Support Group back at Melbourne after an enjoyable trip to Gardham Lock (7 July 2015)
The predicted thunder storm fortunately did not arrive. Thanks to Ivor for the photo.

The Optomists’ Group, with their driver, enjoying the sunshine at Gardham Lock (16 June 2015)
Thanks to Ivor for the photo.

Fred’s Thursday Walking Group’ enjoying a rest after walking and boating to Gardham Lock (11 June 2015)
Thanks to Ivor for this photo

Trip for Tony Farmer and family (7 June 2015)
Three generations of the same family. Mother, Daughter & Grandaughter with other family members enjoy their first trip on the Canal. They will all be back!

Christine Gash’s group back after enjoying her birthday picnic, on New Horizons, at Garham Lock. (30 May 2015)

Thanks to Ivor for this photo

30 May 2015 Beryl Taylor enjoying her birthday picnic at Gardham Lock picnic site
Thanks to Ivor for this photo

Open trip to Gardham Lock (16 May 2015)
Our first Open Trip of the season. Someone thought we were going to Hagg Bridge rather than Gardham Lock, so we went to Hagg Bridge. Thanks to Anthony for lending me his camera and sending this photo. Happy smiling faces, particularly in the front row.

65th Birthday trip (18 April 2015)
Thanks very much to Sue Cartledge for organising this trip, our first booked trip of the season.

45th Birthday trip (18 April 2015)
Thanks to Kerry Briggs for organising this trip, our second outing of the day. Lovely sunny weather but a bit cool.

Kate and friends after their trip to Gardham Lock (17 October 2014)
Thanks to Ivor for this photo.

University of York (30 September 2014)
This trip was part of an away day for the staff of the Social Policy Research Unit at York, organised by Lucy Stuttard. Great to have you on board and apologies for the quality of this photo.

53rd Hull Guides (27 September 2014)
Thanks to Jennie Brigham for this photo of her guide troop.

Open Trip to East Cottingwith (20 September 2014)
The Ferry Boat Inn is to close at the end of this month and this was to be the last opportunity to visit it, but the water level in the Derwent was too low to go through Cottingwith Lock. We all had an enjoyable trip and welcome Sarah and Kev as new members of PCAS.

Coasters Australia (11 September 2014)
Six members of Coasters Australia enjoying a change from their cycling by having a trip on New Horizons. Thanks to Ivor for this photo.

Millington Ladies (5 September 2014)
Millington Ladies enjoying their picnic, at Gardham Lock, with crew Maggie and Ernie. Ivor, who took the photograph, also enjoyed their lovely food.

Waterway Recovery Group volunteers (20 August 2014)
A dozen WRG volunteers have been hard at work this week, with one group on the Pocklington Canal and another at the Driffield Navigation. On Wednesday evening they came along on a boat trip. Colin Hobbs (third from the right) was leader for the Pocklington group and Jenny Black (fourth from the right) led the Driffield group.Thanks for your efforts guys.

Preston Ramblers (11 August 2014)

Thanks to Keith Lockyer for booking this trip to Gardham Lock. Considering that Sunday trips had been cancelled due to very heavy rain in the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha, we were quite lucky with the weather.

Pam's 80th Birthday Trip (7 August 2014)
Thanks to Marion Cavan for booking this trip for her mum's birthday and to crew member Graham Ball for taking the photo.

York Young Carers (6 August 2014)
Thanks to Sarah Illing for organising this trip and to crew member Roger Bromley for the photo.

Gill and Steve Spooner's joint 70th birthday celebrations trip (31 July 2014)

Thanks to Tina Spooner for organising the trip and sending this photo.

Shane Knott and family’s trip to Gardham Lock for a picnic. (26 July 2014)

Thanks to Ivor for this photo.

Richard’s 44th birthday trip to Gardham Lock. The rain did not stop everyone really enjoying themselves (19 July 2014)
Thanks to Ivor for this photo

Trip to Hagg Bridge (12 July 2014)

John Hotowka and his group turned up with frying pans and had breakfast aboard New Horizons at the start of the trip and then had a picnic at Gardham Lock on the return trip.

Gill’s 40th birthday family trip (21 June 2014)
Thanks to Ivor for this photo.

Geoff Kelly's trip with family and friends (17 June 2014)
Geoff (in the centre) kindly proudced a video about the canal, which is on sale at the PCAS Information Centre at Canal Head. Thanks to Ivor for the photo.

Fangfoss with Bolton Women's Institute(10 June 2014)
Thanks to Mrs Pick for organising this trip and to Ivor Nicholson for the photo.

River Foss Society (4 June 2014)
The weather forecast predicted wet weather all day but fortunately it eventually dried up and the sun shone. RFS members are always interested in the Pocklington Canal and great company.

Judi Whiting’s family trip to Gardham Lock (31 May 2014)
This was the second outing of the day, and it was still sunny. Thanks to Ivor Nicholson for this photo.

Open Trip to Gardham Lock (31 May 2014)
This was the first Open Trip of the season, and the sun shone. Thanks to Ivor Nicholson for this photo.

50th York Christ Church Brownies (24 May 2014)
Welcome back to Ann Tong and the Brownies, who did not have the best weather for their trip to Gardham Lock. Thanks to crew member Ivor Nicholson for this photo.

Members and Friends of Humberside IA (22 May 2014)
Thanks to Valerie Fairhurst for organising this trip and to crew member Trevor Brigham for taking this photo.

River Foss Society (17 May 2014)
Another outing for the River Foss Society, again organised by Peter Hopwood. Although it was disappointing not to be able to visit the Ferry Boat Inn due to a problem with the landing stage, the weather was hot and sunny all day.

Hull RAFA trip (15 May 2014)
An afternoon outing to Gardham Lock for a group from RAFA (The Royal Air Force Association), arranged by Ian Russell.
Thanks very much to crew member Ivor Nicholson for sending this photo.

Trip to the Ferry Boat Inn (10 May 2014)
This trip was for a group of railway and canal enthusiasts from around England plan outings to various venues, with Gaz Hill (on the right of the photo) as coordinator. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind and we had heavy rain showers with the odd sunny interval. Their next outing is to the Clyde, in Scotland. This was a great day out for the crew too.

Birthday trip for Hilary and Gordon (3 May 2014)
This was the first long trip of the 2014 season and the weather could not have been better. Jordan got in some practice for his forthcoming canal holiday on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. Thanks to Fiona Colling for organising this trip.

Earlier group photos


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